Astrobase Command 0.4.4 Closed Beta Patch Notes

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a bit longer than usual in our Beta Cycle since the last update.

This is because we’ve been hard at work wrapping up a big chunk of work. Replacing all the placeholder info-panels (the things that show up when you click a module or section or similar to show you the relevant info) with something that looks much more in line with the rest of the game.

Along side it we’ve also worked on a lot of different things as you can read below:

Note: Saves from previous versions will no longer work with this new version of the game.

New Features
– Can now zoom rolodex cards
– Audio Improvements
– New Info Panels
– Datapad UI overhaul
– Performance improvements
– Mission changes
– More Music
– And many bug fixes

Files 1 GB
Version 6 May 05, 2020

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