Astrobase, The Novel | Chapter 5 - Getting Back Up - (SAMPLE)

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We join the crew as they await the return of their commander. “Let’s have it, Chief.” Sanmar ordered as he finished doing up the small clasp that fastened the overall’s collar snugly around his neck. More than a matter of fashion, this ensured that a proper seal existed within the suit in case of decompression.

Rahni glanced at her comrade before answering. “Sensors are indicating that the hyperspace lanes have been shredded, for lack of a better word.” She continued.

“Shredded? What does that mean.” Sanmar’s mouth fell open in surprise. “As you can see here,” the Chief motioned Lieutenant Mandroma to the sensor table. “The purple lines, show the hyperspace tunnels in our vicinity.” She waved her hand slowly over the keyhole-shaped blue glass display that stood at waist height. On it, he could make out the station’s position relative to the planet it orbited and one or two nearby stars. A swarm of short, frenetic, purple strands were visible within a radius of a few lightyears, but they rapidly faded away.

Beyond that: nothing.

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