Patch Notes for version 0.3.0

Astrobase Command 0.3.0 Closed Alpha Patch Notes

The settings menu is now accessible via the main menu, if you are experiencing problems with the new nebulae you can tune down the settings there (turn them down to low and make sure you don't have realtime mode on).

As we've mentioned in the blog, we've been hard at work for many months since the last alpha we put out in order to get some major features in. 
Instead of going through all the individual things we've created, updated, tweaked, or removed in the time since then we'll similarly to the blog posts do a summary of the new things we've put in.

If you want a longer version of this, check out the blog posts we made about it;

Without further ado, here's the short list of things we're doing in this patch:

You can now send your crew to explore the galaxy where they can find everything from resources and new crew members to injury and certain death.

Inspect Nodes
Hovering over key devices in sections will now show useful and important information regarding the status of the section and it's operation.

Station Atmosphere & Climate
The station now has an atmosphere and climate. If you don't manage it properly your crew might freeze to death or suffocate on smog.

Flammable resources can catch fire and fires can spread from section to section and from module to module.

Derelict Stat
Modules can now get worn out by their use and need to be fix or risk impacting the morale of the crew that spend time in them.

Selection UX
Selecting modules/sections/crew has had both usability and visual changes in order to make interacting with them more enjoyable.

Construction Visualization
When you build a module there are now some shiny new graphics to help illustrate that it's under construction and signal the level of completion of that construction.

The spam of identical and unnecessary notices has now been reduced.

Ships Docking
The ships that are part of your fleet in the AstroFleet app can now dock to your station via the Dock.

Wounds can now be healed in medical sections.

Asteroid Shooter
Now works again.

Post Processing
The old post processing effects have been replaced by better and more performant modern versions. This helps making the game look a lot better.

Emotions, Sleeping, and Locomotion
Crew now express their emotions during conversations. They also sleep in different poses and depending on what is happening to or around them can, instead of just always walking, now walk exhaustedly, jog, or run.

New Nebulae
The nebulae you see in the background has had a massive upgrade. They now look a lot prettier.

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