Making Your Crew More Sociable – Astrobase Command Dev Update – March 18th 2019

Hi Everyone!

Over the past week we’ve been focused on making the station and its characters more lifelike. We’ve also continued building on the story opportunities by further fleshing out the adventures the crew can have on planets.

Daniel (@Polygonatron)

Hey Guys!

This week I’ve been working on having the crew aboard the station look at things and each other as they go about their day-to-day. It’s nothing revolutionary but it definitely ads a lot to them to not have a thousand light-year stare.

Dave (@dave_astrobase)

Hey guys,

This week I continued with the procedural stories, and this time the focus was on “bio planets” (M class in Star Trek parlance). This will be the main source of food and other organic resources for your Astrobase from missions.


Hi everybody!

I spent the week making the characters more sociable.


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