Astrobase Command Dev Update – 3 June 2019

Sunshine of the eternal nebula.
Sunshine of the eternal nebula.

Daniel – @Polygonatron 

Hi Everybody!

This week I’ve been working mainly on getting new images and graphics to replace what we currently have on storefronts, webpages, etc. As well as playtesting the 0.3.8 Closed Alpha build we put out earlier.

Max – @Max_Shields 

Hi everyone!

After wrapping up the 300+ emblem creator components, I’ve turned my attention to creating some terminal screens to replace the old asteroid shooter that is displayed on every screen in the station. These will provide a variety of colour and pattern variations to help diversify the station’s visual landscape.


Hi guys,

Recently I’ve been working on the new batteries and bug fixing. Currently I’m working towards making social areas for the crew.


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