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Astrobase Command

A 3D space station builder with characters that matter · By JellyfishGames


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The Crew Is Back!
Welcome back aboard! Hello to all! All crews have returned from offworld and all hands are back on deck. Daniel – @Polygonatron Hi Everybody! This week I jum...
Summer Shore Leave – Astrobase Command Dev Update – 12 July 2019
Even astrobases have some sweet vacation spots. We’re going to take a couple weeks to recharge our batteries while our pasty, troglodytic flesh can feel the b...
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New Crew App, Flashy Terminals, and and Refreshing Our Store Front – Astrobase Command Dev Update – 26 June 2019
It’s pretty being green Daniel – @Polygonatron Hi Everybody! This week I’ve been wrapping up the work on the new graphics for store fronts. If I do say s...
Astrobase Command Weekly Update – 10 June 2019
A lost Cryoship beckons. Daniel – @Polygonatron Hi Everybody! This week I’ve continued work on the new store page graphics and added a dash of admin. Also...
Astrobase Command Dev Update – 3 June 2019
Sunshine of the eternal nebula. Daniel – @Polygonatron Hi Everybody! This week I’ve been working mainly on getting new images and graphics to replace wha...
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What’s In An Emblem? — Astrobase Command Dev Update — 21 May 2019
A selection of emblems made with the Astrobase emblem creator Hey everybody, We’ve had our noses to the grindstone working on a number of features, improveme...
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Making Your Crew More Sociable – Astrobase Command Dev Update – March 18th 2019
Hi Everyone! Over the past week we’ve been focused on making the station and its characters more lifelike. We’ve also continued building on the story opport...
Continuing Backer Rewards – Astrobase Command Dev Update – March 10th 2019
Hi Everyone! Another month and an actual weekly blog post. Since the last post we have continued working on the features related to backer rewards. There’s no...
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